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About Vaxtracker

Vaxtracker is an online active surveillance system that allows people to report how their child, or themselves, have responded to a recently administered vaccine, by completing a web-based survey.

The project began in the Hunter New England Local Health District (HNELHD) in 2011 to monitor the introduction of the seasonal influenza vaccine in young children.  In 2014-16, we were able to demonstrate that the influenza vaccines registered and recommended for use in children under five years of age were safe.

The Vaxtracker project is led by Patrick Cashman at HNELHD, and the Vaxtracker system is developed and maintained by Flexis Systems.

Vaxtracker continues to monitor the safety of vaccines used in Australia (including the school immunisation program) in partnership with AusVaxSafety to provide evidence and reassurance for consumers and medical professionals.

COVID-19 Vaccine Safety

Vaxtracker is expanding its collaboration with AusVaxSafety to monitor adverse events following immunisation (AEFI) in people who receive a COVID-19 vaccine.  Responses from surveys sent in the days following vaccination by SMS or email via Vaxtracker will be collated and analysed by AusVaxSafety to ensure ongoing vaccine safety.

For more information, visit the AusVaxSafety COVID-19 vaccine safety surveillance website.

Participation is entirely voluntary and all individual information remains confidential.  If you have any questions about Vaxtracker please email

Vaxtracker collaborates with these partner agencies

AusVaxSafety NSW Health SA Health ACT Health NT Health Sydney Children's Hospital Network Children's Health Queensland SAEFVIC Victoria